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Software Rileksasi Bebaskan Stres. Sedang browsing muter-muter tidak jelas, akhirnya terdampar di, Mereka menawarkan “Halotea”, sebuah Software Rileksasi Bebaskan Stres. Pihak pengembang mengkliam kalau software buatan mereka dapat membantu anda untuk rileksasi, Software ini memanfaatkan gelombang suara sehingga pengguna software di wajibkan memiliki perangkat multimedia baik dari OS dan hardware.

Sepertinya halotea dirancang untuk pengguna OS Windows dan di wajibkan telah menginstal Microsoft .NET framework 2.0. Selain itu perangkat speaker sepertinya akan anda perlukan di karenakan halotea memanfaatkan gelombang suara. Software ini juga berbayar namun bisa anda caba versi trialnya. version 1.201 ukuran file : 33.18mb.

Anda dapat mendownload Software Rileksasi Bebaskan Stres ini lansung dari website mereka atau bila anda ingin langsung mendownload bisa melalui link ini Download Halotea. anda juga bisa mendownload Software halotea pada link ini Download Halotea.

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Mirolit Halotea

Software Rileksasi Bebaskan Stres

The unique application for sound atmosphere creation welcomes you!

Who is this application for?

It is created for those people who have nervous and intense work, who have small children, who want inner balance, who want to sleep peacefully, as well as for home and office PC users. With the help of sounds we can either provoke person’s nervous system or calm it down. Children are not exceptions. In fact, according to the tests, small children behave calmly while the application is used.
Halotea is an excellent application for relaxation and rest.

It is enough to choose and turn on a sound theme and enjoy relaxing sounds of the nature and pleasant noises; to create the very sound surrounding, which matches your mood or can help tune in to a definite rhythm of work or rest. You can also create your own presets and sound themes.
There is no need to buy CDs with nature sounds any more.

The generation of the unique sound themes in the application based on random repetitions with random parameters of individual sounds reproducing from the huge high-quality samples collection, is performed. This allows creation of realistic and unique sound. All the presets are divided into groups, so that it is easy to find required presets as well as add them easily to the chosen sound theme.

Intuitive interface allows a quick creation of your own preset from the application sounds or from your own sounds.

Halotea is recommended for usage at offices, homes, children’s rooms or kindergartens, as well as in any other places, where pleasant sound atmosphere is needed. The application was tested at offices – and the results are astonishing. After a while office workers calmed down and could not talk in a loud voice. And what else is necessary for efficient work? Calm nerves and pure conscious without irritation!
Halotea will become your assistant.

You may use this application for meditation and concentration.

Got crazy of all fuss and noise at your workplace? Got tired of noisy games of your children or need to concentrate and make a rational decision? This application is for you!

Be sure to read the following topics to understand how it works and to come to a final decision concerning an application for relaxation, rest and creation of a pleasant and useful sound atmosphere.